Other Services

Other service options offered through Farmtel Communications we currently offer.

An important part of being an internet provider is helping to protect our customers from the everyday threats of viruses and spyware.  There are virtually hundreds of different antivirus solutions on the market and you are welcome to use whichever one you prefer.  However we do recommend  VIPRE ANTIVIRUS which is available for download of a free-trial today.  After the trial period is about to expire, just contact us and we can provide you a key to activate your product.  If necessary we can use a remote login and connect to your computer helping you to configure this product.  Vipre Antivirus is a bloat-free (meaning it isn’t packaged with a bunch of unnecessary software).  It is easy to use software that won’t slow your computer down and is just as cost effective for a single computer as it is for multiple computers.  It can be purchased for up to 3 years of protection with a single transaction.  We can simply include your antivirus to your existing bill to avoid another internet transaction.

Most people don’t think about backups until their computer crashes and they have years of family photos, emails, documents, music, videos or recipes only saved on their computer that they can no longer access.  Most data recovery situations occur because backups were not made.  Sometimes data recovery of these items are possible from trained personnel with a minimal cost, however sometimes it requires a much greater cost, such is the scenario with a hardware failure.  Purchase and setup of a backup is critical unless you are willing to risk paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in the event of a hardware failure for data recovery.  Sure you can purchase a backup data drive and software to accomplish this task, however if you forget to do it or set it up incorrectly your data is still at risk.  We are an authorized reseller of Carbonite, an online backup software that resides on your computer and does the backup automatically, so you never have to worry about it.

Every business situation is different, we will work with you to help you find a solution that works for you, help you grow your business and keep focused on what matters most.  Contact us today to see if we can help you solve a communication issue that will help your business run more efficient.


If you own or manage a small business you may not have the resources to hire an entire IT department, or even have anyone on staff trained for technology.  Your business shouldn’t be about learning about technology, it should be about your business.  Farmtel Communications is working to provide you the sales, setup, installation, upgrades, repair and support to keep your business running smooth and let you worry about the things that matter to you, while we worry about the technology side of things.  Some of the other things we can help you with include the following items.


We offer a variety of business phone systems, each customized to provide you with whatever options you require. Multi-Line, Speed Dial, Conference, Intercom, Hold, Music-on-Hold, Call Transfer, Speaker Phone, Voicemail, Voicemail-to-email, Cordless options, Headsets, Remote extensions.  Since every situation is different just contact us for a consultation and a free quote and we can configure a system to meet your specific needs.


How much RAM do you need?  How big a hard drive do I need?  How fast a processor do I need?  What your not a computer expert?  That’s okay most people aren’t, however Farmtel Communications is here to help you even with the things you don’t understand.  We have a trained technical staff that can help you keep your current computer running smoothly and be there to help you when it is time to purchase a new one.  We are an authorized re-seller of Dell Computers.  We can order a computer customized for exactly how you use it so you won’t spend money on things you don’t need while still getting the best value for your dollar.  Every customer need is different, but we can help you determine what type of processor, how much memory or how large of hard drive you need.  Sometimes figuring this out on your own can be a daunting task, but we are here to help.  From the ordering, to configuring software, email, antivirus and backups through the setup and delivery process we can help you navigate through that process.  Give us a call and let’s work together in getting a computer that works for you.


We don’t just stop with selling our customers computers.  We also provide computer service on most brands and most models.  No matter what type of computer problem you have either hardware or software failure or both.  We have technicians who can get you back up and running quick and economically.  Computer repair costs are based on time and materials used, however we can always provide you a free repair estimate after an initial evaluation of the system.  We also provide services to help keep your system running smoothly, optimized for performance and we can recommend upgrades to extend the life of your current system.


Do you have a shop beside your house that doesn’t have it’s own fiber or wired connection?  Is your wireless router too far away or just too weak to enable you to use the internet in your shop or out building?  Farmtel Communications can help you overcome these issues with a bunch of different solutions, both wired and wireless.  Every situation is different so a trained technician will need to survey your problem and propose a custom solution fit for you.  Contact us today if you have a need for extending your network to your shop.


We know having a great web-site is part of having a successful business, however creating and maintaining a website takes a lot of time and effort.  Sometimes just a simple informational site is all that is required, sometimes a much more complex site is desired.  Contact us for further information regarding these services.


Creating a website is only a portion of making it operational and unless you own and maintain a web server you may require a space to host it.  Contact us for further details about availability of our website hosting service.


We have experience in helping you setup and maintain video surveillance at your home, business or remote location.  Contact us today to discuss your options and possible solutions.


Not sure what television to buy?  There are so many choices on the market.  So many brands, options and parameters that most people only understand one thing, the price.  If you are only shopping for your television based on the price, you might be disappointed when you bring it home and connect it to your cable.  Farmers & Merchants cable system was engineered with specifications that some televisions don’t use.  We can help you select a television the correct size and type for your specific location.  We also provide free setup and delivery included with every purchase.