Channel Changes

Skitter is making changes to the channel line-up to meet contractual obligations and try and control rising costs of programming.

Skitter will be adding 11 new 4K UHD channels to the line-up in the PRIME & TOTAL PACKAGES, these will be downconverted to HD so everyone getting that package can view them, but you will need a new 4K UHD STB (Set-Top-Box) & a 4K UHD TV to recieve the content in 4K, please contact the office for details.

The 4K UHD Channels are listed below with a brief description of each;

THE COUNTRY NETWORK - An innovative music video TV network dedicated to providing today's Country Music enthusiatsts with more choices in televised and digital programming.  The Country Network gives country music fans what they want: the best in country music videos and country music inspired content each and every time they tune in.

FASHION ONE 4K - Is a part of Fashion One Network, and is the first television channel of its kind and the only channel being broadcast in 4K dedicated to fashion, entertainment and lifestyle.  Fashion 4K delivers the highest quality content with original programming, breaking industry news and all-access footage from the industry's most exclusive events.

4K UNIVERSE - Is the first 24/7 4K Ultra HD general entertainment channel in North America, offering original TV series, action-packed movies, infomative documentaries, LIVE sports and primetime programming all in stunning 4K resolution.  4K UNIVERSE is the official 4K home of the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour.

TRAVELXP 4K - The world's first 4K travel channel, offers compelling stories from far away places, with breathtaking images in stunning resolution.  We offer viewers a closer more facinating look at the world's most beautiful travel destinations, cultures and heritage, with 100% original and exclusive 4K programming.

C4K360 - Features extreme sports, drone races, dance and club music, and high-end lifestyle programs in Ultra HD, as well as 360 degree virtual reality experiences tailored to young audiences.

INSIGHT UHD - Welcome the most adventurous TV channel in the world!  Insight brings you the best content in Ultra HD, from the best extreme sports to exciting adventure entertainment.  We go beyond the expected and take you on a journey to discover more:  more content, more action and more insights.

NATURE VISION TV 4K - Is the all natural relaxation channel!  A 24/7 live channel featuring the highest quality, most relaxing, stress-relieving programs available.  These are not nature programs like you find on other channels.  Here, we feature beautiful scenes of nature without any host or chatter.  The result is pure relaxation.  We let nature speak for itself.

FUNBOX UHD - Lets you explore breathtaking places, meet extraordinary people, see incredible cultural events like you never did before.  The Ultra HD images pop out of the screen with amazingly vivid colors, unbeatable contrast and a level of detail you simply have to experience on your own.

NASA TV UHD - Leveraging the 8-megapixel resolution of UHD, this channel showcases the breathtaking beauty and gradeur of space.  NASA TV UHD video is sourced from high-resolution images and video generated on the International Space Station and other current NASA missions, as well as re-mastered footage from historical missions.

UHD1 & SES 4K - UHD1 is a general entertainment channel programmed by SES.  The channel serves as a venue for up-and-coming UHD channels and highlights unique content from multiple sources.  SES 4K is a demo channel that provides test video sequences that can be used for technical assessment of UHD programming.

Skitter will also be adding several new OTA (over-the-air) channels offered exclusively by each DMA specifically to the SELECT PACKAGE.  Depending on which DMA you reside in will determine how many new channels will be added. Specific channel names will be announced at a later date TBD (To Be Determined).

DesMoines DMA - 7 new channels

Cedar Rapids - 3 new channels

Davenport - 4 new channels

Skitter will also be adding several new channels listed below;

CBS SPORTS - Added to the PRIME PACKAGE provides in-depth coverage of all your favorite sports, including NFL football, NCAA football and basketball, tennis, golf and auto racing. Get complete broadcast schedules with events and times of the biggest events and read exclusive columns and more from our team or sports analysts.ME PACKAGE

TV ONE - Added to the PRIME PACKAGE offers a broad range of real-life and entertainment-focused original programming, classic series, movies and music designed to entertain and inform a diverse audience of adult African American viewers.

HALLMARK DRAMA - Added to PRIME or TOTAL PACKAGE depending on final negotiations.   It is the sister network to Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and focuses on family-friendly dramatic storytelling. 

SON LIFE - Added to the SELECT PACKAGE is a television and radio network broadcasting around the world 24/7.  SBN is an extension of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and the goal of SonLife Broadcasting Network is to reach the world with the Message of the Cross.

THE WORD NETWORK - Added to the SELECT PACKAGE  is a religious broadcasting network. The Word is the largest African-American religious network in the world.

Skitter will also be making changes to a few channels to meet contractual obligations.  The following channels will be moving from the SELECT PACKAGE to the PRIME PACKAGE;

Cowboy Channel, RFD

Skitter will also be moving the following channels from the TOTAL PACKAGE down to the PRIME PACKAGE;

BBC World News, Cars.TV, Comedy.TV, ES.TV, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (based on further negotiation with Hallmark Drama), IFC, MyDestination TV, Pets.TV, Recipe.TV, Velocity, WeTV and additional A&E channels TBD (based on further negotiations)

Skitter are removing the following channels to try and control rising costs based on what current customers have been watching with our system.  All of these channels are from a single programmer that is unwilling to negotiate terms.

We will no longer be carrying the following channels effective April 1st, 2018

Channels 500-503 MTV, CMT, VH1, BET

Channels 411 & 423 Comedy Central, Paramount Network

Channel 207 & 211 Nickelodeon, TVLand

Customers recieving cable in the towns of Brighton, Fremont, Hedrick and Richland will also be seeing changes effective March 29th, 2018, TVLAND channel will go away being replaced by National Geographic.  Also on April 16th, 2018 we will be making more changes to your channel line-up listed below;

Channel # - New Channel

26 - Lifetime, 29 - Discovery Science, 31 - Fox Sports 1, 32 - Fox Sports 2, 33 - FX Movie

34 - FX, 35 - FXX, 36 - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 38 - ESPN2, 42 - Fox Sports North

43 - Cowboy Channel, 57 - National Geographic, 59 - National Geographic WILD

62 - Local Information