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Wireless Broadband Internet Service

If you happen to live outside of the Wayland exchange, chances are you may not be lucky enough to have fiber-to-the-home internet services, or even DSL high-speed internet available for your home or business.  For these reasons, Farmtel Communications has extended our high-speed wireless internet services to include other locations.  We currently have 28 tower locations and are continually growing, so check back frequently to see if our service area now covers your location.  We continually evaluate areas under served and try to expand to those areas to provide more customers with internet connectivity options.

Since this method of delivering high-speed internet to your location is made possible wirelessly through high-band radio frequencies, certain conditions need to be made.  First, because of the frequencies, we must have a line-of -sight from our tower location to your premise for this service to be successful.  We also have a few towers using lower frequencies that do not require direct line-of-sight, however there are bandwidth restrictions with using these, so depending on what speeds you might require will determine if you are a good fit for this application.

Our current tower locations are throughout southeast Iowa so it is best to contact the office to determine if your location would be a good candidate for our high-speed wireless solution.  Many customers reach out to us completely unaware that we have a tower very near their location.

We are constantly expanding our wireless network and are always looking for interested parties that would have a location that we could expand our service area to, if you feel like this applies to you please contact us.

First Step –

Contact us via email using the form at the bottom of this page, telephone or stop by the office providing us your contact information, address and phone number and desired bandwidth needed.  If you are unsure of what bandwidth package you need our customer service representative can help by asking a few questions of how you are planning on using the service. Once we have your information, we will do a brief evaluation to determine if you are in a service area is currently served with our coverage maps and we will get you on the schedule for installation.  Because of demand we currently are booked on installations for about 2 weeks out.  Please understand that even though you have scheduled an installation no physical check has been done at your location and there is no guarantee service can be provided, we are simply placing you on our calendar for a scheduled line-of-sight check followed immediately with an installation.

During the next couple of weeks if our technicians are in your area, they may stop by to physically evaluate your location and try and visually determine if you can see one of our tower locations or if there are obstructions not seen on our coverage maps.  This is called a line-of-site evaluation and is typically done immediately before we do the installation.  If we determine your installation will not work we will contact you prior to your installation date to cancel.

We simply get things rolling as we schedule a line-of-sight check and installation for the same day, with the understanding if we are able to get line-of-sight we will be doing the installation immediately.  If we cannot get line-of-sight, you will not be able to get service from us at this time, but we will keep your name on a list for future expansions of our coverage area.

Second Step –

Installation usually takes between 2 – 4 hours depending on your individual setup.  Installation costs are the same for all standard installs, and we require that the installation is paid for the day we do the install as well as a 1 month deposit of the service package you are subscribing to.

Our standard installation includes the mounting of one subscriber module, dish or antenna to your home or business, and running an Ethernet cable to a single device.  Cost of our standard install is $150 + deposit (deposit =1 month of service at whatever package you are signing up for).

Sometimes we have customers who have moved into a location that previously had our wireless broadband internet services, and if this is your situation we can do a re-install to the same location if the wiring is still intact and we will only require a re-install charge of $75 + deposit (deposit =1 month of service at whatever package you are signing up for).

The deposit is variable depending on which package you are signing up for. We will collect this along with the $150 install charge at the time of installation of new customers, this deposit amount will be credited back to you after you have been a customer one full year and have kept your account in good standing throughout that service period.

Other options –

If you require the internet connection to be available to multiple devices this can be done in a variety of ways, either wirelessly (wi-fi) or wired with additional Ethernet cable.  In either case you will require a router and maybe an additional access point.  Our Farmtel Communications technicians will be happy to help determine what you will need to provide access to all your devices.  In most cases you can use any non-branded router, or you can lease one from us for as little as $5 per month.  Please ask for our assistance on this to allow for adequate install time and equipment to meet your needs.

In some installations a tripod or other mounting equipment is needed to complete the install.  In this case an additional charge is necessary to cover the costs associated with the additional equipment, our technicians will visit with you prior to the installation to make you aware of any additional charges.

Prices –

Our wireless broadband internet service has unlimited usage and is available to be purchased at different speeds.  If you are unsure what speed you need, a Farmtel Communications technician will be able to assist you in determining what speed will work best for the internet applications you will be using.  A listing of our speeds and prices per month is listed below;

We currently offer 2 different wireless packages, both are unlimited in usage meaning they do not have a bandwidth usage limits, the price remains the same each month regardless of how much you use your internet.  The differences are the amount of upload speed available.  If you are wanting different speeds not currently listed, please contact the office to speak with a Farmtel customer service representative.  Packages shown below are not available in all areas;

Diamond Select Package = (Residential level package that provides asynchronous speeds, meaning your download speeds are higher than your upload speeds.  This works well for customers primarily concerned with streaming video services.  The more devices connected will require a greater speed capability.)

Diamond Package = (A business level package that provides synchronous speeds, meaning your download and upload speeds should be about equivalent.  This is important if you are a business that needs to have cloud-based storage or do more uploading off-site.  It is also more beneficial to gamers for some servers requiring more upload speeds to adequately run a particular game.) The Diamond package is available in select areas. Contact us to see if your location qualifies for these packages.

These packages include higher upload speeds than typical DSL to allow users to do more cloud-based networking. The speeds offered in this package all have unlimited data usage and boast some of the fastest available upload speeds in the wireless broadband market.

We also provide very low latency with this particular product.
If you are looking for a lower cost solution for your internet, take a look at our diamond select packages listed above, if you require a lot of bandwidth then the Diamond Packages are for you.


3M Download
This is the slowest speed we offer on our Diamond Package. Available for general internet connectivity for checking email, browsing the internet or even stream a single standard definition video stream to a single device.

6M Download
This is the most common speed we offer on our Diamond Package. Available to stream HD video streams. The second level in our Diamond Package gives you the ability to add more users to your home or business network in the event you are not the only one using the internet for something.

9M Download
This speed offers on our Diamond Package customers to share additional power users on your network. Available to multiple streams of HD quality video. The third level in our Diamond Package is a great option to share between home and business user, giving both the speeds needed in todays’ internet world.

12M Download
It is the ultimate for customers who need to share with additional power users on your network. Available to multiple streams of HD quality video. This Package is designed for the business user that doesn't live downtown anywhere in the world but wants to take advantages of the speed from wherever they choose to setup their home or business.  This package requires a direct line-of-site to one of our towers. Take advantage of pricing discount by signing up for a 3yr contract.

20M Download
This is our top speed offered on our Diamond Package.  Available to multiple streams of HD quality video. The top level in our Diamond Package is designed to provide a top-quality speed with unlimited usage for the business user that depends on fast, reliable internet.  This package requires a direct line-of-site to one of our towers.  Ultimate speeds both download and upload.  There is no comparison to this package anywhere on the market unless you are connected to a fiber network.  Take advantage of pricing discount by signing up for a 3yr contract.

Other Packages

We have several packages specifically designed for areas of our coverage.  Some offerings are promotional, others are based on demand and the ability to provide those speeds to certain areas of our network.  If you have questions regarding specific speeds needed feel free to ask about specific non-advertised offerings.

If you are a current customer with questions or service issues, please contact the office directly and speak with a customer service representative to have your issue resolved.  This form is for new customers only.  Please fill out all information on the form and include your address you are inquiring about.