Fiber Optic Internet Plans

Fiber Optic Internet Service Plans

If you live inside of the Wayland exchange or surrounding areas chances are you may be lucky enough to have fiber-to-the-home internet services available to you.  If you do not have fiber-optic internet services but are interested in receiving them, contact us to get a bid on what it would cost to bring those services to you.  We are expanding our fiber network and are always looking for ways to expand our service area, if you feel like this is an option that could apply to you please contact us directly.

First Step –

Contact us via website, email, telephone or stop by the office providing us your contact information, address and phone so we can determine if you currently have fiber-optic services available at your location. This service is free of charge and we can let you know immediately if your location is on our fiber network.  If your location has previously been connected to our network then the process is fairly straight-forward, we would need to fill out some paperwork, collect deposits and then schedule your installation.

Second Step –

Installation usually doesn't take long and many times can be connected immediately depending on your individual setup and our previously scheduled workload. Installation costs are the same for all standard installs, and we require that deposits are paid for prior to the install.

Other options –

If you require the internet connection to be available to multiple devices this can be done in a variety of ways, either wirelessly (wi-fi) or wired with additional Ethernet cable. In either case you will require a router and maybe an additional access point. Our Farmtel Communications technicians will be happy to provide you assistance to determine what you need to provide access to all of your devices. In most cases you can use any non-branded router, or you can lease a managed router from us for only $5 per month. Please ask for our assistance on this to allow for adequate install time and equipment to meet your needs.

Prices –

Our fiber optic internet service has unlimited usage, however is available to be purchased at different speeds. If you are unsure what speed you need, a Farmtel Communications technician will be able to assist you in determining what speed will work best for the internet applications you will be using.  The packages below are speed packages available without taking a phone or video service from Farmtel Communications.

4M Download

This package is commonly used for downloading programs quicker, sending and receiving emails with larger attachments such as pictures or documents, internet browsing on multiple devices all at the same time, or streaming a single SD quality video to a single device.

8M Download

This package is our most popular and commonly used for downloading programs of larger sizes more quickly, sending and receiving emails with larger attachments such as pictures, documents or video, internet browsing on multiple devices all at the same time, or streaming a single HD quality video to a single device. It can also be used for gaming or heavier internet use on multiple devices all at once.

12M Download

This package is our most commonly used for business customers. This package is designed for multiple computers all using the internet at the same time. It can also be used in a home-office environment or for the extreme gamer or digital video junkie. This allows multiple users to stream in HD, game with little latency and surf all at the same time.

25M Download

This package is the for the multiple family members that do everything online.  It provides enough bandwidth to accommodate multiple video streams, gaming with all your devices connected at once.  The fiber-to-the-home internet experience is awesome.

Up to 100M Download

This package is the ultimate package (However is not available in all areas at this time) designed for multiple devices all using large amounts of bandwidth at the same time. Designed for heavy internet usage. Feel free to contact us to see whether this option is currently available in your area or if you have interest in getting these kinds of extreme speeds.

$$$ Contact us directly for pricing $$$

To schedule an install and reserve your spot on our calendar or to contact us with further questions or more information regarding our fiber optic internet service simply fill out the form below and submit it and a Farmtel representative will get back with you.

 If you are a current customer with questions or service issues, please contact the office directly and speak with a customer service representative to have your issue resolved.  This form is for new customers only.  Please fill out all information on the form and include your address you are inquiring about.  THIS FORM IS FOR NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY.